How to choose non - stick pan and quality identification
2021-04-12 10:52:45

Non-stick paint from the invention to now have five generations of history: the first generation of products is Teflon; second-generation performance is improved Teflon; third generation called Silverstone; fourth generation is super-Silverstone; The generation is "Autograph".

In general, if the production of normal, a new generation of paint than the performance of the old generation of paint.

The choice of pot body material

Non-stick pan pot body material is iron, aluminum, stainless steel and alloy steel four.

1, iron products are iron and wrought iron two. Pig iron products are cast into, thick and heavy, but the heat capacity is larger, not easy to overheat; wrought iron products are thinner, heat capacity smaller. Both are easy to rust and corrosion of the shortcomings of acid and alkali, so life is shorter.

2, the advantages of aluminum products is light, fast heat conduction, shortcomings will be strong with the pH of the food from the chemical effect, and shorten the service life, the oxidation products make people feel unclean suspected.

3, stainless steel products with anti-acid-base, not rust, high temperature, easy oxidation, long life, etc., but the price is more expensive.

4, alloy products generally have the performance of stainless steel, but the price is higher, and contains certain elements which are detrimental to the health of the body.

Inspection of non - stick and easy - clean performance of pot

Identification of non-stick pan or not, do the most simple non-stick test: the non-stick pan to 1500C to 1700C, the fresh eggs into the pot, hold oil, till the coagulation of the pot flip, eggs free Falling, compared with qualified products; otherwise, that is unqualified non-stick pan.


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